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PinPoint is a new, state-of-the-art Telephone Management System.
It was designed specifically to overcome challenges of the other legacy systems still in use in Southern
Some key areas that huge improvements were made on are:
c. Better user and reporting experience
d. Business Intelligence Abilities
e.Customizable rating engine - Billed Cost, Network Cost and Serviced Cost
f. Call Annotations
g.Call Allocation - Personal vs Official
h. Integrated SMS capability to user, telephone directory and clients




We believe that a successful product depends greatly on a balance between ability and usability.
Right off the bat PinPoint represents itself in an easy-to-use fashion, while also incorporating
tremendous features.
Being an Adobe Flex/Flash web application (Flash Player 11 plug-in required), PinPoint delivers a
visually pleasing, but competent and fast user experience.




All Administration screens allow simultaneous filtering on multiple data fields.
This allow accurate searching of any user or device in the system.
All Editing screens are shown as pop-ups as to accentuate focus on the task at hand.
A rigid standard is maintained throughout the application that ensures all forms behave in the same
manner, allowing users a small learning curve.
All user-input fields are on the left of each screen, and all selectable options are nested on the right.